GPCAAC Members to Sell Their Work Online.

All GPCAAC members may include a link to their facebook Marketplace site where they can hook people up with artwork designed by our member. This is a MEMBER ONLY opportunity.  If you're not a member already, please click here.

GPCAAC's reach is over 1,000 of people.  Take advantage of our audience by participating in ChrisKindle Market!

Rules for Participating:

  1. You must be a member of GPCAAC. 

  2. You will provide us with your website or facebook Marketplace page where you sell your work.

  3. You can post a photo of your item with a brief description of what it is with a link to your website/fb page. Please limit the number of posts on this page to 5 total. That will be one hit a week until Christmas. 

  4. All sales are between the artist and buyers.

  5. Artists are responsible for: selling and shipping the item to your buyer and for collecting Ohio Sales Tax. 

  6. The Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Club does not assume liability for sales or sales agreements.

  7. The Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Club offers no warranty, implied or expressed.

  8. Each artists sets their own prices which reflect their costs, overhead, and talent.

  9. All artwork is protected by copyright.

Suggestions for Exhibiting:

We think Modern Impressionist Greg Justus has done a wonderful job promoting his pet portrait ornaments and colorful 4" painted tiles celebrating the Day of the Dead among other things. He uses memes on the GPCAAC facebook page to drive people to his facebook page and website.  We encourage you to follow his lead. Below you will find one of his memes, as well as links to his Greg Justus Modern Impressionism facebook page and to his Art of Justus website.

Greg's advertising meme

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 10.48.22
Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 10.48.42

HELP! What if I don't have a website or know how to make memes?

That's ok, simply add a photo of one to five item(s) that you sell in one post on the ChrisKindle Market facebook page.  Tell us what the item is then tell people in your post what the item's cost is.  Link it to your personal facebook page so that they can IM (instant message) you with questions. 


We recommend that you list all of the items you have for sale on your own facebook page We don't want our readers to think we only have a few members who are selling online.  This is why you are limited to 5 facebook posts between now and Christmas.

As far as memes go - many people we know use Canva on their phones to create memes.

Last piece of advice:  when writing about your art or creating the meme make sure you answer these questions:

Who? Basically this would be your name

What? What are you selling.

Where? This would be where the link goes - your website, facebook page, etsy

How? Can they reach you

We're looking forward to seeing your success!  Join us, won't you?!

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