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Nate Lamp's "Shore Leave" to debut on 3/22!

Updated: Mar 21

The Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Council is proud to announce its next exhibit at The Arts Garage, an exhibit of works from Port Clinton native Nate Lamp.

"Shore Leave" from painter Nate Lamp, will be on exhibit from March 22 until April 28, 2024, with a special opening reception at TAG on Friday March 22 from 5-7pm.

The public is invited to see these paintings which reflect a love letter to middle America, Lamp says.

The Arts Garage is located in the city's old maintenance garage at 317 W. Perry Street in Port Clinton, Ohio.

Hours are Thursday through Sunday from 11am until 4pm, by appointment or by chance.

To learn more about GPCAAC, TAG and what's happening, please visit


Nate Lamp spent his early years in Port Clinton, graduating in 1997 and went on to study art and then photography at the Columbus College of Art and Design.

He moved to the United Kingdom in 2012, where he lives in Herefordshire with his wife and two children.

Increasingly homesick for his home country and life in America, Lamp found he could reconnect with that life by returning to his love of painting.

For the last seven years he has been using film stills, photographs of rural life in Ohio, magazine pictures, images from the internet and anything else that will jog a memory or stir some nostalgic emotion.

He's influenced by the European art movements of the 19th and 20th centuries, particularly by painters using expressive color - Pierre Bonnard, Edvard Munch.

American influence can be felt in his admiration for Edward Hopper, Fairfield Porter and Richard Diebenkorn.

Artists and writers often discover that they can view their home country more clearly and with greater emotion when they are away from it. Nate's work is truly in this tradition.

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