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Barn Quilts Shine in Ottawa County

The Ottawa County 4-H Program and Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Council have teamed up to create the Ottawa County Barn Quilt Trail.  The Ottawa County Barn Quilt Trail will serve as an invitation for visitors to take a driving tour around the county to view the quilt blocks mounted on barns and buildings and enjoy the unique character of Ottawa County.

Barn quilts are painted quilt squares, fashioned on boards and mounted on a barn or other building.  Unlike cloth quilts that are made up of a series of squares, a barn quilt is almost always a single square.  The concept of barn quilts began in Adams County, Ohio in 2001.  Today, barn quilt trails can be found in over 200 communities in 47 states.

According to the Ottawa County Barn Quilt Trail facebook page: "Our goal  is to have 20 quilts on the Ottawa County Barn Quilt Trail by 2020! We now have 17 quilts on display on barns in 10 of the 12 townships in Ottawa County. We are still in need of barns in Clay and Put in Bay townships. Could you help us identify a barn in these locations? Our trail will not be complete without a barn quilt in every township!"

Have a recommendation?  Please contact the GPCAAC and we'll get you hooked up.

5 More Quilts Have Been Added!

Great news for the barn quilt trail, with the recent additions of 5 more quilts; we have surpassed our goal of 20 by 2020.


We now have 22 quilts with several more to be hung by the fall!!


Here are the lastest 5 with their addresses, so you can take a drive and enjoy their beauty!!

1) Mariner’s Compass, 17405 W. Elliston East West Rd., Graytown

2) Friendship Star, 10375 W. Genzman Rd., Oak Harbor

3) Morning Blossom, 2100 N. Opfer-Lentz Rd, Martin

4)Double Square, 8601 W. Mudcreek Rd., Oak Harbor

5) Three in One, 2375 S. state Route 19, Oak Harbor

Thanks to all the volunteers who have made this project such an addition to the beauty of Ottawa County. Click on the button below for a map of where you can find the Barn Quilts in Ottawa County.

Details about the Ottawa County Barn Quilt Trail
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