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Flip those Fairy Tales on July 9 at TAG!

Do you ever think the Wolf from Three Little Pigs got a bad rap? Maybe you think Cinderella's stepsisters were simply misunderstood? How about that the witch's gingerbread house from Hanzel and Gretel was a set-up?

Do we have the perfect workshop for your 2nd-4th grader coming up!

Wear your favorite costume and join us for "Flip Those Fairy Tales" at The Arts Garage on Saturday July 9 from 1-3pm.

Participants will write, make-up and perform a fairy tale on their own terms. This is a great opportunity for students who like to write and create.

As with all our children's programming, there is NO COST for Ottawa County students.

Please register for the class by emailing, space is limited.

The Arts Garage is located in the old city garage at 317 W. Perry Street in Port Clinton.

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