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Debra Sue Solecki's works at Healing Wall!

The Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Council is proud to announce the works of the Debra Sue Solecki will be on display at the Healing Wall at Magruder Hospital.

Solecki’s works will don the halls of the Port Clinton area hospital in September and October 2023.

The Healing Wall is a rotating exhibit of artists from around the Ottawa County area and began nearly 10 years ago as a collaboration between the Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Council and the hospital.

The idea is the Healing Wall, which is located in the outpatient wing hallway, can give a few moments of peace through the stress of a hospital visit.

Magruder Hospital is located at 615 Fulton St. Port Clinton, OH 43452.


Debra Sue Solecki grew up on the shores of Lake Erie and has always drawn inspiration from the natural environment. She enjoys painting subjects found while walking along the lakeshore or while paddling her kayak on the inland waters.

Her favorite subjects such as dragonflies, lotus, rocks, and wood repeat in her ongoing series of work inspired by the beauty in nature.

Using a variety of tools in mixed media (painting, drawing, and collage), Debra Sue combines familiar images in a unique way. Her style often tells a story that reveals itself as the viewer spends time exploring the layers in her work.

By choosing unconventional subjects or zooming in close to an object she asks the viewer to stop and look closely at something they might usually walk past.

To see more of Debra Sue’s work, follow @DebraSueArt on Facebook or Instagram.

For Purchases or Print orders, contact Debra Sue directly at (216)218-8171.

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