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"Handless Jacques" makes debut on YouTube!

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about Handless Jacques!

The 30-foot tall magnificent maître-de of Marblehead, affectionately known as "Handless Jacques", made a big splash online in the spring when news broke of a restoration campaign.

In the spring, Mike Cahill and eager volunteers began on restoring the fiberglass statue and the project is moving along swiftly.

Work has paused for the summer as to not cause a distraction along Route 163, located next to the BP/Mickey Mart gas station in Marblehead.

A few months ago we were approached by Pittsburgh-based YouTubers Cassie and Ryan, who run the "Just a Quick Detour" YouTube channel.

The duo were working on a video on the mystery of Jacques, after seeing his viral success online and in the news in the spring.

Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Council Press Secretary Jessica Denton spoke to them about our involvement in the large-scale art project and fundraising efforts.

On Monday afternoon, the video titled "Road Trip America: Handless Jacques" made its debut, and we are so excited to share it with you!

We are also over-the-moon excited to see that Jacques twin brother "Pierre" has been found in a field off I-71 and he is undergoing restoration efforts as well!

Soon, TWO handless giants will tower over Ohio once more!

Thank you so much to Cassie and Ryan for their interest in the project! Go like and subscribe to their "Just a Quick Detour" channel and learn more about Jacques, Pierre and the people who are working to save them.

Soon we will launch an official fundraising campaign for Jacques, as well as announce fundraising events and calls for volunteers. Be a part of the historic event!

Also, be sure to follow the GPCAAC Facebook page and this blog for updates. There's still so much good news to come!

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