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Phil Stone artwork at Magruder Healing Wall!

It's a new month, and there is more locally created art on display at the local hospital's healing wall.

This month, Marblehead resident Phil Stone's work will be on display at the Magruder Healing Wall at Magruder Hospital in Port Clinton.

Stone grew up in the Midwest, specifically Iowa and Nebraska, developing an interest in design and graphic arts through his family's printing business. He studied Business Administration and Art at the University of Nebraska.

He and his wife, Linda, continued to work in the printing business and selling office products in Colorado Springs, Colorado, until they moved to Marblehead.

Over the years, Phil has worked in several mediums, with a primary interest in creating colorful abstract paintings.

With a strong belief that the impact of some works are highlighted by their presentation, Phil has developed an interest in framing and matting.

He believes that in many cases, the way a piece of art is presented and accented is critical to the way it is perceived by the art lover.

Magruder Hospital is located at 615 Fulton St, Port Clinton, OH 43452.

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1 commentaire

Denise Brigadoi
Denise Brigadoi
06 mai 2022

Absolutely beautiful display! So talented and inspiring! Hope people check it out!

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